Sunday, May 6, 2012

Home Improvements

YOU GUYS!  I just realized it's Sunday, which means it's New Jersey night!  Holy crap, there's no way I'll get that post done tonight.  That'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I'm already swamped with stuff to do and I haven't even watched the episode yet.  Okay this is just going to be a really quick post because, like I said, I have a crap ton to do tonight before I go to bed and I have to be up early to leave for the dentist BY 7:15 AM.  Gotta love emergency dentist trips.
Anyways, we'll see how that goes tomorrow.  I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about it.

In the meantime, Jacob and I have been busy all day doing weekend chores, which is one reason I have come to dislike weekends.  BUT, he did a great job getting stuff done, so I figured I'd let you guys see the finished projects.

We hung curtains in our living room.  It was the only window left with no window covering whatsoever, and I'm pretty sure our neighbor across the street (lovely though he may be) was watching us every time he went outside for a smoke break.  I"m saying that with basic certainty because I saw him doing it.  It's going to be nice to have a little privacy. 
I promise, the camera was crooked and not the curtain rod.  Try to ignore Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on my couch.  We keep the couch extra loaded with blankets for the boys.

Also, we finally put up the mirror we bought for our bathroom.  I'm glad to have it up, but it was also nice to never really have to look at myself in the mornings. 
All of this was done with the help of Andy, and Oscar, of course.  As you see, they were HUGE helpers.
Also, Jacob finished the deck up this weekend, and it looks awesome.  I never think to take pictures during the day, but I'll have to do that soon so you can see it.  He did a really really great job.

I can't remember if I ever put these on here, so I'll do it now.  This is one of the owls I bought at Hobby Lobby awhile back.  I seriously love these guys. 

I never got to tell you about my success at Herbergers the other night!  I ended up buying a new bra for $9, some maternity jeans for $34, and this Fossil necklace for $5.99.
While I was there, I spotted this Fossil watch that really only caught my eye because it was on clearance and I knew I could get it for a good deal.  I ended up not buying it when I went on Thursday night, but then could not get it out of my brain.  With some support from Dana, I left work on Friday and went immediately to Herbergers to buy the watch.  I do not regret the decision even a little bit. 
It's a little more bling than I would normally go for, but I actually really love it.
When I first saw it, I thought it looked like something that my (ALMOST!!!!) sister in law, Kayla would wear, which meant that I knew I loved it.  Besides, it was a $95 watch that I got for $45.  Love ya, Herbergers!!

Oh, one last thing.  Here's something awkward that happened when I went on Thursday to buy the necklace, jeans and bra.  While just browsing through the clothing racks, I spotted one rack that had a single pair of maternity jeans, and one pair of maternity capris.  I thought it was weird since I'd never seen maternity clothes there before, but I grabbed the jeans and tried them on.  They fit okay enough, so I decided I'd get them, but I wanted to see what the other maternity options were.  I went up to the closest worker and showed her my maternity jeans that I'd found on obviously the wrong rack, and could she show me where the other maternity clothes were.  She looked at me like I'd just asked if I could cut set the store on fire and informed me that they did not carry maternity clothes.  Well that's funny, seeing as how I found these in your store and they rung up on your price check scanners.  Seems like one of us must be wrong...After an awkward conversation and extreme disbelief on her part, I walked away very confused.  I'm not sure why she felt I was so untrustworthy.  I was trying to BUY these jeans from them.  Why are you acting like I'm being so sneaky???  So anyways, I bought the jeans, which she wouldn't let me use my coupon on.  I'll say I wasn't happy and leave it at that.  Sometimes Herbergers finds ways to stick it back to me.  But overall, I'd say I'm still ahead.

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