Monday, May 7, 2012

No Jersey Recap

Code Red: I am in a MOOD. If you've ever heard me talk about cooking or baking, you know I hate it with a passion. Well, tonight I spent 3 hours in the kitchen making these stupid cakes for a cake contest we're having at work this week. Even though I kept both in the oven for like twelve minutes longer than I was supposed to, I'm pretty sure they're just mushy pudding cakes in the pan right now. Total waste of time. I just don't get why I suck so bad at anything kitchen related. Boil a pot of water? Whoops, I wasn't looking and the pot boiled over the top and ruined the cooktop. Make a package of Jello? My bad-I didn't stir it well enough and now it has a crunchy layer on it. Heat up this store-bought pasta sauce on the stove to serve with dinner? Oopsie, I had the heat up too high and it bubbled and splashed on the cabinets and stained them. Honestly, I'm the worst at making anything. And that sucks. Earlier, while cracking the eggs for the cakes, one just cracked over the counter and the whole thing just spread across the counter. I picked as much up as I could and scooped it into a box of trash on the counter so I didn't drop any on the floor en route to the trash can. I was foiled when I realized that the egg leaked completely brought the flimsy cake box, so I had to clean up the egg mess twice. That would only happen to me or Amelia Bedelia. And it's not funny or charming when I do it.

Tomorrow night might be even more miserable, since I'll have to decorate the cakes for work. Considering I have no skill and/or experience with that, I'm pretty sure I'll lose my patience with that really quickly. Don't be surprised if I report back tomorrow night that I've punted both cakes off of my deck in frustration.

To top off the evening, when I realized how many dishes were piled up on the counter, I felt steam coming out of my ears. After FIFTY SOLID MINUTES of hand washing the dishes, I showered and here I am. Irritated and hungry and tired. Is it to much to ask to have a night where I'm not standing on my feet for at least two straight hours in the kitchen? Because I can't even tell you how miserable that makes me. It's a frustration so intense that the only way I can channel it is by sobbing. Which I did. Over the sink. Onto my stack of dirty dishes. I continued the sobbing in the shower. Raise your hand if you wish you lived with me.

With all this kitchen bullcrap, I haven't had the chance to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey yet. So obviously that post will have to wait till tomorrow. Basically I'm going to bed now, a bucket of sunshine, and hoping I wake up in a better mood. Because if I don't... Oy.

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  1. I'm raising my hand as someone who wants to live with you. We can have girl talk and cry into the sink together. As it should be.