Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jersey Tomorrow

I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by all we have going on here, so I didn't get to watch RHoNJ tonight. I'll have to watch it tomorrow and post about it then.

PS, I just looked at the belly pic I had Jacob take for me and I realize its not the greatest. I don't want him to have to take another one though, because he seemed weirded out enough the first time. I said, can you take a picture of my belly for me? He was like "uhhh why?". I said "people asked for a picture!". His response "like who?!" Clearly he isn't impressed with the changes that are happening to my body right now....maybe one day I'll say I want to take a picture with no shirt on and just my hands covering my chest A LA Demi Moore/Jessica Simpson/Kim Zolciak. That will really freak him out. Understandably so.

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