Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Official

*********TRUMPET SOUNDS*********
Well folks, I have an announcement I've been putting off making on the ol' blog for the past couple weeks.  This time next week, Jacob and I (and the dogs) will no longer be residents of Dickinson. 
Looks like our nomadic life will continue on as we move back to Houston.  I'd been putting off announcing it (even though probably half [okay 90%] of you know) for a couple of reasons.  1) I wanted to get a chance to tell people first.  KT, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I TRIED TO CALL YOU.  It's okay, she doesn't read this.  Honestly, she can't even read.  JUST KIDDING, KT, LOVE YOU!  (really though, she'll never read this).  Reason #2 why it took so long--I've been a littttttttttle overwhelmed.  Don't get me wrong, in my mind I'm excited about moving back.  But a move is really overwhelming on it's own, and when you add that on top of JUST moving in your house 5 months ago, having your husband switch to a new company and all the anxiety that comes with that, having to quit my job AND being pregnant.  Honestly, guys.  It's a lot.  Even though I know I'll be shaking with excitement next week, the last couple weeks have just been so hectic.  Trying to get the house on the market and get it cleaned and figure out all the relocation paperwork and move forward with looking online for houses in Houston AND wrap things up at work has really taken up a lot of my time.  That should explain why all my blogging recently has been pictures of the dogs.  I'm lazy and I'm tired.  It seems like every night Jacob and I are up until after midnight trying to get things organized and lined up for the next day.  Right now it's 11:40 and I'm no where near ready for bed.  I've just been feeling like time is slipping away from me, and with the packers coming on Wednesday, expect full Jessie Spano freakout to commence shortly.
It's too bad I'm not supposed to be getting any caffeine right now because of this baby.  Because I would easily take on Jessie's caffeine pill addiction in order to get all my crap done.  I've watched the episode like 50 times, but obviously I haven't learned from her lesson. 

So yeah...that's kind of what's happening here. I need to get more stuff done so I can get to bed, so I haven't watched RHoNJ.  I'm REALLY hoping to do it tomorrow, but I won't make any promises about that.  I just spent the last 1 1/5 hours going through our filing cabinet to figure out what papers/files can go to storage, and what needs to come in the car with us.  What I've discovered is that Jacob is a paper hoarder.  After the 1 1/2 hours of sorting files, I spent an additional 20 minutes JUST shredding paper and throwing things away.  The good news is that our file cabinet is running pretty lean now.  

Our house is officially on the market now.  I would say click here if you want to see pictures of our house, but the realtor hasn't gotten them up yet, so....probably  not worth the effort.  Not like it really matters to any of you at this point what our house looks like, since we're only going to be in it for like 5 more days.  Pray we get lots of lookers in the next 2 days before the packers come.  We got a call to show the house like 10 minutes after putting the sign in the yard yesterday, but nothing came of it.  The husband loved it, the wife wanted something bigger.  

In other news, I'm officially half way through this pregnancy!! I'm 20 weeks today, which is crazy how fast it's going.  It's also kind of freaking me out since I haven't started thinking about ANYTHING baby related.  I need to pick a crib, stroller, car seat, all that stuff and I just haven't had the chance to sit and do the research.  Like I said, we've been a bit busy.  

Last night we took the boys for a jog, which we've never done before.  I took Andy and Jacob took Oscar and those boys loved it.  Well, I say they loved it.  They survived.  Oscar loved it for sure and when we finished running, he wasn't even slightly winded.  I think he could have easily gone another mile.  Andy was more tired, but he did really well, too.  We took them again tonight, but didn't run as far since we'd just eaten dinner.  We didn't both need to be barfing along the path of the community center.  

Okay I desperately need to get my other stuff done.  I'm REALLY hoping I can do my New Jersey blog tomorrow night, but like I said, I can't make any promises.  Pray for lookers for our house!!!!!!   

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