Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sorry Guys

I just don't have the energy or the patience to blog again tonight. Quick overview of the last couple of days: Jacob had his first softball game for the office team. He was a total baller and even hit an inside-the-park homerun!! He was awesome. Only problem was that I was a tad distracted by all the trashy people showing up at the softball fields with their coolers full of beer. I saw a lot of townies last night. Most of them were drunk and all of them were unattractive.

In baby news, I am 19 weeks going on 38, apparently. I've worn a few dresses this week and everyday someone tells me I look huge. I think they mean it to be sweet, but all it's doing is making me paranoid that I'm gonna get gestational diabetes. Even a stranger to me congratulations the other day. I mean, yeah, I'm almost halfway done, but at the same time, I don't feel like I should be so big at this point that strangers feel comfortable asking me when I'm due. The baby was kicking earlier, which is pretty awesome, but ever since I've had this spasm in my rib area and it is driving me crazy.

I'm super bummed I did my most recent RHoNJ recap on the ipad (which won't let me add pictures) because I found some AWESOME screengrabs from the episode. I promise I won't forget about those come next week.

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