Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love ya, Dusty Rose

Today I decided on a whim to see what Herbergers had to offer me. I found some sweet Fossil stuff that had been marked down, but since I know how to stick it to Herbergers, I decided to put off buying the stuff and come back tomorrow with my 25% coupon. HI-YO! I am gonna get some steals. So once I'd made that decision to wait on those necklaces, I figured I'd check out their final clearance. For this section of clearance, they don't allow you to use any coupons or anything, so if I find something I like, I just snatch it up, because you can't get it for cheaper and my luck is that I if I tell myself I'll come back later, some one else will have gotten it. SO, imagine my delight when I came across a whole rack of Fossil stuff that was marked final clearance. Oh, FYI, they do their jewelry final clearance differently- basically if the most recent markdown is anything below $18.99, you pay $4.99, and if it's marked anything above $18.99, you pay $9.99, no matter what the original price was. Below are all the pictures I took of all the stuff I got. The necklace with the short chain and flower was originally $35, but I got it for $4.99. The chain necklace with the heart lock was originally $38, but I paid $4.99. The one with the coral strands of beads was originally $98!!! But I only paid $9.99. So I got three legit awesome necklaces for $20 TOTAL. I mean it when I say that Herbergers is the very best thing about this town. Plus they had some adorable little boy onesies that were on clearance that I had to pass up, EVEN THOUGH they had elephants and lions on them. I can't promise I won't buy them when I go back tomorrow for those other necklaces....

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