Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Met Ball!!

So quick update in the cake contest--we don't have any winners yet. We extended the deadline until first thing tomorrow morning because as of 5pm, we only had three cakes submitted for the contest...both of mine and one other one. I would really love those odds, except the lady decorates cakes as a side job, so that's kind of cheating. Anyways, we are supposed to have a couple more people enter their cakes tomorrow, so we'll see. At the very worst, I think I'll have 2 out of six cakes being judged, which is pretty promising.

Okay now on to the important stuff--$100,000 gowns. I seriously love the Met Ball because it's an even better display of fancy dresses than the Oscars is. Plus, lots of times you see people try things that are more high fashion/couture, so you get more interesting and unexpected looks than the standard beautiful gowns you see at the Oscars.  Honestly, I couldn't even break it down to top five for each category because there were so many I felt passionately about that I couldn't cut any from the list. So there are six best and worst dressed. Deal with it.

Best Dressed:
6. Rashida Jones
Normally she plays down her looks a lot in her fashion choices, which really breaks my heart. I really love Rashida and I love this dress on her. On someone else it might not work for me, but I'm a sucker for a printed gown, and I love the colors of this one.

5. Ashley Greene
Honestly, the ONLY issue I have with this is that it's a little bridal. Although I guess the one sleeve does make it a little more gown, but still.  Take that away and it could be a fancy wedding dress.  I tend to not care for Ashley and her overly snipped nose. She looks very snobbish and haughty to me, and the acting in Twilight was one of the best and worst things I've ever seen. Worst because it was legitimately terrible, and best because I almost through-the-nosed my milk at the acting in one scene. But even I won't deny she looks incredible here.

4. January Jones
Here's a lady who is super hit-or-miss with her gowns, but I'm crazy about this one. Let's compare this to how she did two years ago...
And yes, she did pose most of the night with her hands straight out beside her like a Barbie doll......Again, I'm not a big fan of January because she seems like an ice queen and I don't think she's as drop dead beautiful as everyone else does. Personally, I'll take a fat Betty Draper any day.

3. Karolina Kurkova
I'm not even kidding about this when I say I love this outfit. Head to tie, I think she looks so incredible. I'm sure you either love it or you hate it, and probably the only other people that are with me on this one are drag queens, but I just can't help it. There is something very old-school Sophia Loren that I am so wowed by.
 I think she's really stunning. Over the top-diva? Of course. But if you're going to do it anywhere, it might as well be the Met Ball.  Although, honestly, I don't know how she was able to pose like that and take herself seriously.  She must have known she looked seriously gorgeous.

2.  Katharine McPhee
 Looks like I desperately need to get myself a show on NBC so I can show up at the Met Ball in an Elie Saab.  I love everything about this dress.  I want one in every color.

1.  Solange Knowles
I know, I know, it seems crazy that she could be the best dressed, but I LOVED this dress.  This combined with the natural hair and the soft makeup and the color of her skin is just complete perfection to me.  I adore the whole thing.  Go girl!  Show Beyonce what's up!

Worst Dressed:

6.  Debra Messing
The dress on it's own is not bad.  It's pretty enough, though not really original enough for the Met Ball, in my opinion.  It's just...not flattering.  Something about the gathering at the waist and how it meets the deep neck makes her look like she has no waist and she's really wide.  She can do a lot better than this.

5.  Jessica Chastain

This frustrates me a lot because she showed so much potential with her Oscar dress that I was in love with.  This dress is just not good.  First of all, it looks like a lampshade.  Second of all, it does nothing for her shape.  And third, it looks like her chest is being held in a vice grip.  You never really want a dress to look like you're being squeezed down to a bust the size of a training bra, okay?

4.  Sarah Jessica Parker
Normally I give her a pass because she's kind of wacky and fashion-y, which I enjoy.  At least she's wearing something interesting, you know.  And honestly, I'm not sure that this sister-wife dress would have bothered me so much on her had it not been for the MATCHING T-STRAP FLORAL SHOES.  Oh honey no.  That's just bad.  Bad bad bad.

3.  Kate Upton
FYI everybody, this girl is a supermodel.  She was just on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and every guy in America is in love with her.  This is probably the worst she's ever looked in her life.  Right?  It has to be.  Between the severe hair, the Mommie Dearest makeup, and the HORRIBLY unflattering dress, she just needs to go home and try again.  Honey, you're a model.  Dress like one.

2.  Leighton Meester
A lot of my issues in this outfit don't lay entirely with the dress itself, but let's start there.  It's Marchesa, so it's just a bunch of tool, illusion netting, and embroidered lace.  How many iterations of this dress can they do?!!?  The bigger problem here, is of course the excess amount of carrots she must be consuming.  I realize you want to look "tan" when you do special events, but at some point, wouldn't you be like "oh wait.  This is probably enough bronzer."?  Also, putting on purplish/brown lipstick does not help draw the focus away from your eerily orange skin.

1.  Gwyneth Paltrow
 Who else but the space waitress herself could be worst dressed?  I know I'm biased because I don't like her, but this is bad.  The fabric looks tacky, the hip accouterments are distracting, the dress has a mullet and she's got WAY too much side boob.  Not to mention the dyed-to-match bridesmaids dress shoes she's sporting.  Hate the whole thing.  It looks like something a Project Runway contestant would get kicked off for.    

Alright well that's about all I've got...I'm going to go upstairs in my fancy gown (t-shirt, workout capris and slippers) and get ready for bed.  All that blogging and cake decorating last night still has me worn out. 

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