Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Countdown to Baby

Well I figured I'd do a quick update on what's happening here.  I don't have much to say, so this may just be a short post with some bullet points.

So I'm 35 1/2 weeks pregnant....4 1/2 weeks to go.  Eeks.  I'm not saying I'm not excited to see my baby, but I would be very happy if she decides to be a little late.  Olivia, honey, momma loves you, but I just am NOT prepared for this child.  It's not that I'm convinced that I'm going to get myself together in the next 4 1/2 weeks and I'll have everything figured out and be the perfect and most prepared mother, but for the health of this child, I'd really like to wait awhile before she comes.  I've been so scatterbrained and overwhelmed lately that I know that if she comes early, I'll be so thrown off and frantic that I'll be really irrational.  Like, I'll probably birth the baby and then be like "SOMEONE STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR, FOR THE LOVE!"  The good thing is that I realize that's not normal, but I can't guarantee that post-partum Hayley will be so level-headed.  Like, as they're discharging me from the hospital, I'll probably just be like "WE NEED TO STOP AT TARGET ON THE WAY HOME TO BUY A WREATH.  SHE CAN'T BE BROUGHT HOME TO A HOUSE WITH NO WREATH."  I'm just expecting a lot of irrational behavior and stream of consciousness thinking.  So please, God, let this baby be on time or late.

Let's see...what else.  Well I've officially (as of about 2 weeks ago) lost my belly button.  Now it just looks like I've dropped a peanut M&M under my shirt.  I've also completely stopped running, which was a major concession.  This will be the second week that I have NOT run in my second trimester, and it's kind of killing me.  Everytime Jacob goes out for a run, I feel like I should be going.  The day that Jacob and I decided I should stop running just to be safe, I was really wanting to go, but he surprisingly put his foot down and said that he really thought I shouldn't.  So I had to sit there and watch him stretch and feel like a total blob.  Then he went running and I was like "okay, cool.  I'll just sit here and watch some tv." 
So yeah, that's kind of driving me crazy, not getting any real exercise.  I know it's better to stop now while I'm still feeling good and before anything happens to me or the baby or I get overheated or something like that.  It just sucks, you know.  And I know it's all mental so I just need to get over it.  It's just hard to sit around and feel like a total fatty while Jacob is out running several miles.

My last ultrasound, which was a couple of weeks ago, the baby weighed 5lbs!  She's above average for weight, so she already takes after her momma.  I've got another ultrasound in two weeks, so we'll see what they say she weighs then.  If she's already at like 7 something pounds, I might have to think more seriously about this epidural.

Today I had an appointment to meet with a potential pediatrician.  I can't explain why, but it was stressing me out SO BAD.  I (my mom) came up with three pages worth of questions to ask, so I already felt like kind of a nerd going into the appointment with my notebook.  But I was really happy with how the appointment went.  The doctor is actually the pediatrician that I went to until we moved to Missouri in high school, and I always really liked her, so I think it's going to be a good fit.  The only downside is that because of my nervousness combined with my pregnancy hot flashes, I could NOT stop myself from sweating during the appointment.  And the chairs in the examination room were leather, which ALWAYS makes me sweat, even when I'm not hot.  So by the time the doctor and I finished talking and she was walking me out, I was praying she wouldn't notice the pool of sweat I'd left behind in the chair.  I didn't want her to be like "oh my!  Did your water break?!"  Nope, I'm just very nervous and I don't do well with leather.  My life is so awkward.

Physically I'm still doing okay.  I feel pretty huge and I feel like I'm attached to the toilet with a bungee cord because I'm going pee like every ten minutes.  If I'm standing for too long, the pain in my feet goes from uncomfortable to unbearable.  Imagine if someone stood on the Sears Tower and dropped a cinder block onto your feet.  That's how it feels when I'm on my feet for more than an hour.  It's not great.  Other than that, I'm doing pretty good.  Some days I'm way more tired (and irritable) than others, but that's typically when I have a lot going on.  I will say that I am really looking forward to the day that I can put on underwear and/or shorts without feeling like I'm going to fall face first onto the ground.  When you've got a watermelon attached to your stomach, it's way harder to pull something up from your ankles than you'd think.  Really, what I would give for a walker with some tennis balls on the legs.  That would be a huge help to me, honestly.

Thanks to Jacob's brainpower and muscle, we made HUGE strides on the nursery last weekend.  The beadboard and chair rail are up, now I just need to do the painting and touch up painting to the walls and the room will be done!  I'm hoping to have that done by this Saturday so then I can put some pictures up.  I'm SO happy with how it's coming along though.  And my mom and I have finished one curtain and hopefully will finish the other tomorrow, so once we get those finished and hang the curtain rods, the room will be like a real nursery!

Other important things in my life:  Dance Moms.  Here's the thing.  I'm not even gonna blog about that last episode with "Black Patsy".  I don't like being given something so completely manufactured by the producers and being told it's real drama.  NOT BUYING IT, LIFETIME.  So yeah, that's just not gonna happen.  This week's Dance Moms...nothing really stood out to me, honestly.  I was loving how extraordinarily tan/orange Kelly is these days.  Other than that, there wasn't much I found that entertaining.  Except for one thing...Presented without comment, I give you the highlight of this episode of Dance Moms:
 I take that back.  I do have one comment:

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