Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My lovely sister, Mandy, got me the breathable bumper I registered for, which I'm super excited about.  Now I can make sure my baby doesn't get her limbs stuck in the crib rails without worrying if she's suffocating!  Win win.  Today I got the mattress pad in the mail, so I washed all the bedding so I could put the crib together.  Honestly, and maybe foolishly, I assumed that getting all of that stuff would be the hardest part.  I was very wrong.  I got the crib skirt on with no problems but struggled a bit with the mattress pad.  I don't know if it shrunk up a bit in the wash but it's a very tight squeeze on her mattress.  Once I finally got the mattress pad on, I was trying to put on the sheet.  It's like I've never seen a fitted sheet before.  I think I tried to put it on sideways like four times.  Even once I got the right orientation I couldn't figure out why it was too poofed out on one side and not reaching to the other.  Most normal people would just shimmy it over so it lined up.  Me?  I took it off and started over.  Ugh...that's not even the worst part.  So okay you guys.  I spent LITERALLY 45 minutes trying to put the bumper on the crib and never could figure it out.  I'm just...realizing I'm not that bright.
Please, please let this baby get Jacob's brains.  The thing is, I still don't know why I could NOT figure out the bumper.  I feel like I tried every possible combination of the two bumper panels and I couldn't get it to line up right.  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I really retarded and no one has ever told me?  Because if I am, people, please tell me.  I can handle it.  So...yeah.  As of now, the bumper is "on" the bed, but it's all wrong.  I'm just gonna have Mandy come over and fix it for me if Jacob and I can't get it once he comes back into town.  It's just a bummer because I was so excited to see the bedding all come together and have something look finished.  It's also super depressing because I spent 45 minutes trying to put on BABY BEDDING and couldn't figure it out.  Despite have written instructions in front of me.  With pictures.  Yikes.  Sorry Mensa, but I may not be joining your ranks just yet. 

In other nursery news, the painting is all done and I LOVE how the beadboard has turned out.  Jacob did an amazing job, ESPECIALLY considering he'd never done paneling or molding before.  It looks awesome.  All he has to do is pull the outlets forward so they line up with the paneling and that will be all done.  AND My mom and I finished the curtains!!  It only took four sewing days and about 20 hours, but hey, I'm a terrible seamstress.  If anyone comes over, PLEASE do me a favor and don't look at any of the hems.  I'm not kidding, I am terrible at sewing.  So yeah, Jacob and I bought the curtain rod but didn't get the chance to hang it before he went out of town, so I'm hoping to do that maybe Friday.  Then we'll push the furniture into place, hang the pictures, set up her monitor and be DONE.  I can't wait.  I'll be posting pictures as soon as all that is completed.

Well I need to get back to important things--eating skittles and watching Homeland.  We have free movie channels for the next month, so I've been downloading episodes of shows I've been wanting to watch and have totally gotten sidetracked by Homeland.  SO.GOOD.  I highly recommend it.  Before Jacob left town, I had watched the first three episodes of the show and he watched every minute with me, which is totally unlike him.   As a general rule he does not watch tv unless it's a sporting event or a solid, well respected comedy.  He hates any tv series that's a drama, and normally can't handle anything that contains any violence.  Homeland isn't super violent but there are some graphic/intense scenes and he still seems to enjoy the show.  He'd never admit it, but he was glued to each episode I put on while he was home, and that's a pretty great endorsement.
So trust me, if JACOB likes a drama, it's pretty good.  

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