Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dance Moms Reunion Part 1?!

First impressions of this reunion:  Budget Andy Cohen sucks, and Christi's got some REALLY bad extensions in. 

Really though, what's the deal with fake Andy Cohen's face?  It seems like his face is melting right?  Bad face lift?  Bad Botox?  I don't know what it is, but he's making me uncomfortable.
I must just be spoiled by Bravo reunion shows because I totally miss Andy Cohen. 

I'm wondering about the editing of this reunion already.  Christi's eyes look super duper puffy to me.  So either this is edited to look like the beginning, but really they've already covered a lot of drama and Christi did a ton of crying.  OR she's not used to these fake eyelashes she has on and they're weighing her eyelids down.  I don't know which is the reality, I think they might both be.

It's too bad that Abby talks so much with her hands because she's got the grossest hands and fingers of anyone I've ever seen.  Very clawlike, very bejeweled.  Ick.  All I can think about is how much food gets trapped under her fingernails. 

We're halfway through this reunion and I'm boooooooored.  So far there's not been much of substance.

I still don't see why Kelly called Abby a whore.  I mean, calling her fat, sure.  Calling her gross, definitely.  Calling her mean, absolutely.  But a whore?  The only companion Abby has ever had is her dog, Broadway Baby, so I don't think that whore is really that great of an insult, you know?  It really doesn't apply to Abby, so it's not like it's gonna sting.

Okay, hearing about Christi's childhood and that it was hard is sad and all, but here's the thing.  If you say you had a hard childhood and you want to give your daughter this great amazing childhood you always dreamed of, WHY would you send her to Abby for so many years, knowing Abby's going to yell at her, bully her, and belittle her?  It just seems counter intuitive.

Oh boy, bringing out the big guns with Cathy.  Please, anything to up the drama here because I'm still bored.  They can try to talk sense into Cathy all they want, but lady is crazy.  You're just gonna talk in circles to her.  I mean, what sane person just comes out with "I think I have more class than you."?  I love that Cathy's saying that she's a business person, when she's constantly acting like a crazy stalker.  Also, I don't know if you can claim to be a business person when your husband runs a JERKY STORE.  It's not like he's some groundbreaking entrepreneur. 

Why in the WORLD did they need to break this reunion into two parts?!  The first part was so dang boring.  And why do they need to bring in Black Patsy for the reunion?  She was in one episode and she really wasn't that interesting.  I'd rather have Peyton's mom on the reunion.  That lady's all kinds of crazy and you know she'd start either making things up about the women or telling stories that they wouldn't want on camera.  Make it happen, Lifetime.

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