Monday, September 24, 2012

Jersey Finale!!

They're reshowing this guy going up to Melissa and I'm SO UNCOMFORTABLE. 

Something tells me this "fashion show" is going to be really tacky.  Eeks.  So far, I am not impressed.  The styling on these girls is pretty hilarious though.  I'm pretty sure the makeup artist used Mario Paint to get these girls ready.

Ohhhh Kim, you're mighty drunk girl.  She can't seem to figure out how a microphone works, so she's basically just yelling about how they're all gonna dance and "have f-ing fun!".  Typical high class fashion show.  Actually that's how it works in Paris and Milan, too.

So this confrontation between Teresa and Melissa.  It's all a little fishy right now.  I'm not sure what to think about the whole thing, but I do think it's strange that Melissa kept saying she knew him but she didn't know how, and then like a minute later she's like "I bartended for a week for him because my cousin ran the place."  That memory came back awful fast.

I can't remember what the creepy bald guy's name is, but let's just call him Pervy.  Pervy is really skeeving me out.  I don't know who to believe with this whole thing.  He's saying Kim and Teresa arranged for him to be there to call Melissa out.  I just don't know if I buy that.  Teresa and Melissa had been getting along well.  What does she gain from that?  Kim, yeah.  I TOTALLY buy that Kim set the whole thing up so that ONCE AGAIN all the drama goes down at her fashion show with her in the middle of it, but I just don't know about Melissa.  And I'll say it takes some big balls for this guy to go from person to person, talking about Melissa.  I'm guessing he isn't too concerned with the effect that will have on the salon he works at.  Because he comes across way too gossipy and creepy and I can't imagine people would want to have anything to do with him or his salon after how he treats someone who may or may not have worked for him.  EDIT:  I guess he has no affiliation with the salon?  This is confusing.

I have to agree with Melissa when she's talking to Teresa.  If she was really upset about what this guy had to say and didn't want him spreading rumors, she should've shut him down as soon as he walked up to the table.  She should've just been like "uhhhh no.  You're not doing this here."  But she just sat there awkwardly and fake smiled when he acknowledged her.  So even if she thinks she's defending her sister-in-law, she's not.  She was being passive by leaving the room,allowing Kim to ask him questions and get details about Melissa at the Salon.  Then at the table, she sat there while he asked Melissa if she remembered him and made sure everyone would ask her who it was when he walked off.  If she was actually defending Melissa, she could have stopped both of those situations from happening.

Teresa says she's gonna confront the guy before Joe does because if Joe gets to him, it'll cause problems for their family, but obviously Melissa doesn't care because she's calling her husband.  How is all of this Melissa's fault???  I think it would be EVERY woman's instinct to call their husband if some skeezy perv was walking around telling rumors about them. 

I love that Jacqueline and Caroline and Lauren are all texting each other about what's going on.  I would do the exact same thing.  That's actually one of my go-to responses when I'm in an awkward situation.

I'll be honest, all this drama is kinda making my adrenaline go crazy.  I wish I were there.  I would be all over Teresa and how hypocritical she is about Kim.  You can't act like you're upset about the situation and then go take shots with the person that orchestrated it.  Bring it, bia.  I would love to be a part of this. 

I actually think it's great that Joe Gorga came.  I would want my husband to get pissed off and defend me if somebody was saying things like that about me.  Also, you guys, can we talk about how douchey it is that Richie always has his collar popped.  UGH.  Please stop.

I don't get why everyone is concerned about Teresa's brother-in-law being there.  I'm confused on how he fits into the set up.  Guidice men seem to stupid to plan such a big set up, so I'm just assuming he was there for the free Cuban food and the drinks.  But if he DOES turn out to be part of it, I hope he gets food poisoning.

WHOA, another level of the onion just came off.  The guy who owns (?) the salon just said that Pervy was only working at that salon for the day and he's not an employee of the salon....Hmmm.  And it just so happened to be the day Kim took Teresa there with the cameras.  And it was right before the fashion show.  That was supposedly sold out, but he was able to get into.
 Something stinks.

Joe Gorga to Kim "Get outta my face.  Go sniff a line."  HAHAHAHAHA YES.  That's amazing.

Poor Kathy seems very overwhelmed by this whole thing.  She's just way too nice to get involved with these people.
You can tell she just wants to be there to hang out, eat some food and hang out with friends. 
Let the lady enjoy her salad drama-free, people!!

Time out:  Jacqueline looks really pretty at this show.

I still don't get what Teresa's motivations are here.  Why set up Melissa to be embarrassed? 

 Not okay.  Poor Jacqueline.  Time to dump Teresa once and for all.

This fight is causing quite a traffic jam.  Does that not bother anyone?  Even the cops are like "ehhh let them talk it through. It's just traffic."  I mean, these cops are obviously there to move cars along, and they're totally fine with Joe just parking in the road while him and Teresa fight.  That's the big blowup that happened the night before the previous season's finale.  I was wondering about that.  It'll be interesting to see how the reunion shakes out.  Even if Teresa wasn't involved in setting up Melissa and it was just Pervy and Kim, we saw the him talking to some lady, saying he was just there to embarrass Melissa and bring up the stripper thing, so obviously Jacqueline wasn't making that up and had nothing to do with the setup.  I'm sure Teresa won't apologize for accusing Jacqueline of being involved, but it'll be interesting to see how she reacts to that footage.  This reunion is going to be epically awesome. 

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