Thursday, December 15, 2011

Workin Lady

Sorry I didn't get anything posted yesterday (Tracy), I was just so exhausted when I got back from bunco last night. Work has been going really well the last two days. Yesterday was especially baller because they didn't have a computer for me until about 11:45, and I was only supposed to work until noon. While waiting for the people in IT to sort out my computer situation, I just hung out in my boss's office until she suggested we break out the meat and cheese tray they got as a gift. While stuffing my face, another coworker came over and offered me a coke. Free meat, cheese, crackers and coke?! Here's the thing about me-- I'm pretty easy to please. If you're going to offer me two things that are essential components of my #1 favorite food (sandwiches) and offer me my #3 favorite drink, that's like manna from heaven to me. It's like being at a party with unlimited juice.

Today went pretty well, too. I ended up staying until about 3:40 because I've got a lot to do before I leave for Christmas. I'm working on putting together a packet of materials for our new obgyn to pass out to his pregnant patients. He had a big packet that he used at his last office, which included a 63 page guide to prenatal care. My job right now is to basically rewrite that booklet, since we can't just copy the one from the other clinic for copyright reasons. It's kind of mindless, but I'm enjoying it. Today I got 17 pages done so I actually felt like I accomplished something, which is unusual for me. Unless the goal is to finish an entire season of a tv show in 24 hours. Because I can DEFINITELY accomplish that goal. Speaking of tv, I took Tom's suggestion and got disc one, season one of Criminal Minds from Netflix. I feel like I should really love it since it's about profilers for the FBI, but I just can't really get into it. Maybe it's my fault that I just haven't sat down and watched it without any distractions. I have been putting on episodes while baking or cooking so I'm mostly just listening and I'm totally lost. Okay now that I'm saying that, I realize it's totally my fault I'm not into it. I'll start over and watch it distraction-free.

Last night was bunco, which went pretty well. It was held at the home of the boss of the whole office here, so my neighbor and I were both anxious to see how redonkulous their house was. We drove by, and saw that no one else was there yet, so we decided to drive around for a bit. Their house is actually on the street right behind ours, so my neighbor, Nicole, and I drove by our house so I could show it to her. They put the brick on the outside, which I'm super pumped about. Unfortunately they had it covered with a big plastic tarp, I guess because of the crazy cold. So we couldn't see it. Hopefully by this weekend it will have set well enough to take the tarp off so I can take pictures.
Anyways, after driving by our house then driving around a bit more to look at Christmas lights, we pulled up to the house. Thankfully lots of other people had shown up with lots of food, and I began to gorge myself on my SECOND meat and cheese tray of the day. Now, I don't want to take away from our wedding, because it was great and all that, but I think any day you get two meat and cheese trays, it is certifiably, unequivocally the greatest day of your life. Right? I'm pretty sure. Besides filling our belies with lots of meats and Christmas cookies (great combo huh?), bunco was pretty subdued. I think that had to do with whose house we were at. I don't think anyone wanted to get toooo crazy.  It was fun though, and I ended up winning $10, so now Momma's making the big money. Between my $10 win and my part time job, I'm basically supporting our family at this point.

It's a good thing this marathon is over with because my legs have officially quit on me. I tried running again tonight and again was only able to make it half an hour. It just feels like I'm wearing cement shoes and my legs can't get any blood to them. It's not like a sharp pain, but it is an unbearable pressure that I can't figure out. Maybe I'm getting the bends.

Welp. Guess that about does it. I have a feeling that I'm going to get pretty bad about updating everyday now that I'm working (see:yesterday). I shall do my best, but I'm pretty sure if I don't put anything, you're missing nothing. Unless you want to hear about how Andy squatted like ten times this morning and then ended up dragging his butt across the snow. Because I can talk about that all day long.
 That little kid is seriously the worst.  And that mom needs to chill.  Don't try to act like you haven't seen the dog do that a million times just because you have a guest over.  No one's buyin it sweetheart.  Something tells me that little smug, ginger son of yours doesn't exactly leave the house smelling super clean, either.


  1. This blog may or may not be part of my pre-work morning routine. I was really thrown off yesterday. Maybe I should actually follow the blog and not be a creeper. I blame this all on Dana.

  2. Criminal Minds is good. However, I didn't start watching it until prob season 3 so I can't guarantee the 1st two seasons. And while I am a fan of the show I still hate penelope and you probably will too.

  3. Tracy, when in doubt, blame Dana. Dana and I like to follow that same rule regarding KT. I totally understand the morning routine thing. I'm the same way with heroin--I mean oatmeal.

    Tom, what the heck?! You TOLD me I had to start from the beginning! Who is Penelope? Is she the stupid blond that hits on hunky Shemar Moore? If so, then I hate her as well.