Monday, December 19, 2011


Today is HUNTIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Happy Birthday to my dear sweet brother, who turns 28 (?) today.  I love love love love Huntie and I can't wait to stay at his house in a few days.  More importantly, Oscie can't wait to stay at Huntie's house and have a couple of naps with him.  I love you!! Happy birthday Huntie! 

Today was a pretty long day.  This week, I'm only working today (Monday) and tomorrow, so I've been rushing trying to get this prenatal guide finished for the new OBGYN.  They really want it done before I leave so we can give it to the doctor and his staff to proof.  That was looking pretty good until the other lady I work with showed up today.  She's super nice, but she's a talker, and every minute that passed that I wasn't working on the book was totally freaking me out.  Then, at the end of the day, she took me down to the women's clinic to meet the doctor and his staff, so that ate 45 minutes I could have spent working, so naturally my blood pressure wasn't great.  Tomorrow's going to be a pretty crazy day, since I'll be rushed trying to get the book done, AND I have to leave at 11am to go get my oil changed.  Hopefully someone from the office can take me and it will go fast, because I will be a wreck if I'm sitting around the dealership tomorrow, wasting time. 

My life has gotten much less entertaining since I've started working, which you have probably picked up on.  I did stumble across a lovely little jewel at Walmart the other day that I meant to write about, but forgot until just a few minutes ago.  I was waiting in line to check out (this is before I spotted Om), and behind me was a young mom and her 11 year old daughter.  I know what you're thinking, but no, it wasn't my arch enemy, Cyndy.  The daughter spotted one of the tabloids that had Prince William and Kate Middleton on the cover, and she started talking about how awesome they are and how pretty Kate is.  Now, I don't disagree with that one bit.  If I looked as baller in my wedding dress as she did in hers, I promise I would wear that thing every single day.  So the mom starts teasing the daughter, saying things like "You are so weird.  You're 11 and you're interested in this stuff.  That is so stupid.  Look at him, he's so ugly!  He's like the opposite of hunky."  OKAY MA'AM.  Here's where I need to interject.  Okay, yes, 12 years ago we ALL would have assumed that Harry was going to be an ugly, ginger chipmunk and William was going to turn out all super suave sexy, but WE WERE ALL WRONG.  Does that give you the right to act so superior? NO.  IT DOESN'T.  So the daughter continues to defend Kate and William, stating how pretty Kate is and how William is "so cute!"  It's okay, kid.  When I was 11, I was in love with him, too.  To drive home her point, the mom said "He's just so ugly.  In 2 years, he's going to look exactly like his dad--bald and retarded."  Ooooooooooookay.  That's maybe just a bit offensive.  Yes, royals tend to be inbred and they may not possess all of the necessary chromosomes, but let me remind you that you're an unattractive 26 year old with an 11 year old daughter.  So..... judge not lest ye be me.

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