Friday, December 23, 2011

So good to be Back

We have only been in Houston for 24 hours and all I can think is how superior it is to NoDak. I finished almost all of my Christmas shopping today, and was overcome with joy upon entering both kohls and target. I'm realizing Herbergers is like that boyfriend you have in high school. At the time you think it's great but then you leave and realize there are so many better options and you're almost embarrassed about who you were settling for in high school. Sorry Herbergers. You're a nice guy and all, but I'm just not that into you. It's Target I really want to be with.

I have to say happy very belated birthday to Dana. We were driving all day Wednesday so I never got to give her a shout out. Unfortunately I can't put pictures or videos on here using the iPad, which sucks because I had some great ones picked out. Anyways happy birthday to the most baller roommate I've ever had. I'll be honest, there are lots of days when I'd go back to living with Dana over Jacob. He's great and all, but he's not very tolerant of my television choices. Dana not only accepts my love of terrible tv, but embraces it and even encourages it. That's why we are such good friends. I miss living together and seeing each other regularly, but thankfully she's always willing to listen to me complain over the phone. She's the best and she deserves a better shout out than I can give. Happy late birthday Dana!!!!!!!!!

Okay hopefully I can write a longer post in a couple of days. Until then, enjoy Christmas and if you get bored, watch some parks and rec clips on YouTube. Merry Christmas fools.


  1. Such a nice shout out!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to pretend that there are some baller Lucille Bluth/Bridesmaid videos on here

  2. Those will come soon, don't you worry. As soon as I have a regular computer to use, I'll give you some baller videos.