Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Other Current Happenings

Happy belated Easter, everyone!! I hope y'all had a great weekend and got to spend time with family and/or friends and enjoy some good church services. We had a pretty great Easter weekend. Jacob got Friday off, so he spent the day getting started on building our deck. I had to work (despite working at a Catholic hospital), but since everyone else took the day off, it was a pretty relaxing and enjoyable day. I chatted with my boss for awhile and then spent the rest of the day creating and putting together some coloring books for one of our doctors to take to a Kids Health Fair. Not a tough days work, that's for sure. Friday night we went to Good Friday service, which we both realized we were much too overdressed for when we walked into the Lutheran church and were greeted by elders in jeans, one of whom had a long, scraggly ponytail. I will say their Good Frisay service definitely made me miss Trinity. Sunday was basically the same thing- we went to the Lutheran church, but I don't think either of us were that crazy about the service. They're doing the best with what they've got, but I think it made both of us miss home. For Easter dinner, we had some friends come over- the couple that watch our dogs whenever we go out of town. Plus they brought their dog, so it was pretty fun. As I was setting up the house, getting ready for them to come over, I realized this is the first time we've ever had anyone over to dinner. Excluding my parents and our siblings, we have never had people over for dinner. Ever. I'm not really much on entertaining (or people), but Mike and Nicole are super nice and I love their dog like she's my own, so we had a good time. I made chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, fruit salad, sangria and rolls for dinner and Nicole made a strawberry cheesecake and a blackberry cheesecake. It was a pretty good feast, I think. Overall, it was a pretty great Easter weekend.

Well here's something that will come as a surprise to approximately zero of you, but I feel like I need to announce it on the blog. Jacob and I are expecting and the sweet little baby is due October 7. So far I've been feeling pretty good, just extra sleepy. Thankfully I have a black puppy dog who has accepted a daily nap with me into his routine. One thing that has changed since I got pregnant is that I have not made it through the night without having to wake up to pee. Before this point in my life, I think I have only woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom MAYBE a total of 10 times. I literally cannot make it through a single night anymore without being awoken by a dangerously full bladder. Every time, as I'm going to the bathroom, longing to climb back into bed, I'll realize that I was just dreaming about something water related--I was either playing in sprinklers, stuck in a downpour, running through a waterfall. All sorts of subconscious alarms going off telling me to wake up before the dream becomes all too real. I fully anticipate wetting the bed at some point during this pregnancy. Good thing I'm practicing my Kegels!

Since I told my coworkers last week about the baby, they've all been telling me that I'm starting to show and will be needing maternity clothes soon. This displeases me very much. I'm only 14 weeks along! I shouldn't be showing so much yet! I know they're just trying to be sweet and get into the whole thing, but they're just making me feel like a giant heifer. I'm thinking I'll just skip the maternity clothes and go straight to shopping for muumuus at Dress Barn.

In other news, I'd like to give a quick shoutout to Mandy and Jonathan, who are celebrating their 7th(?) anniversary today!! I can't believe they've already been married so long, but at the same time, I don't even remember what it was like before we had Jonathan in our family. He's a great brother in law; he's hilarious, he's honest, he gives great advice, and he's the perfect audience for telling stories (especially disgusting ones). I tell them this all the time, but I remember the first time I actually met Jonathan-they'd been dating for awhile but Mandy had been super secretive about the whole thing (as she's known to do), and a couple of my sisters, who had dragged information out of her, would jokingly refer to him as Juan when they brought him up. Well imagine my shock when I'm introduced to Mandy's boyfriend for the first time, and he's not some Latin hunk named Juan, but a white guy named Jonathan. I mean, no offense to him, he's a great guy and very handsome, but he was just so much more vanilla than I was expecting. Anyways, after seven years of marriage, they have two of the sweetest and coolest kids I know who ALWAYS make my day better. So happy anniversary, Mandy and Jonathan! Love you guys!

Today I realized something while doing the laundry. When your dogs jumps from one couch to the other to nestle in your fresh, warm laundry, he's really reached a whole new level of spoiled. My sweet little Oscar, just resting his head on some clean, hot undies.

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