Thursday, April 12, 2012

Commercials and Whatnot

First of all let me say that for some inexplicable reason, my blog exploded today.  Despite not posting anything, I got the highest number of hits I've ever gotten in a single day.  The only thing I can attribute this to is Dance Moms.  So again, it looks like now I REALLY need to step it up and find a new show to watch.  Obviously people want to watch bad tv and then read breakdowns of that tv.  And I want to be the person to provide that service for you.  It's my life's work.

Speaking of writing, I got stuck writing this thing for work this week.  It was like a five page document that I had to create, and I can't tell you how much I struggled with this thing.  At one point I had to shut the door to my office and mute my Pandora so that I could focus.  In total, I spent about seven hours working on this thing, which is way longer than I should have.  Part of it is because I'm a perfectionist, and another part is that I had crazy writer's block.  Turns out that if I can't relate something back to pop culture, I literally have nothing to say about it.  When I finally got it finished today, I didn't even have the energy to read it back through one time to proof it.  My brain was so fried, it felt like I'd just taken a Finance final.  It was terrible.  I just don't think they'll let me slip Seinfeld or Parks & Ref references into a document that will get circulated through a Catholic health care system, you know?  Which honestly, is stupid.    

I say this in all sincerity, but I am so ready for tax season to be over with.  Before I get a couple of
from you accountants, I'm saying that for your sake.  I'm just ready for the accounting people I like (Dana, Huntie, Tracy, Ashli) to go back to having normal sleep and work schedules.  More importantly, I'm ready for these people to be available for when I need to discuss things like nursery art and shocking pop culture connections.  [DID YOU KNOW JESSE EISENBERG'S LITTLE SISTER WAS THE PEPSI GIRL?!?!]
So you guys, as much as you're ready for tax season to be over with, trust me when I say the rest of us feel the same way.  I know I can't really complain since my life is pretty cushy, but still, it's hard to enjoy a Real World/Road Rules Challenge finale when you know you can't discuss it with your brother for like a week.  But you're almost done, you guys!!

Last night Jacob had to go to Bismarck to get deck supplies, and since I'm lazy, I decided I deserved to get some Arby's for dinner.  If I said it was good, I'd be wrong.  It was incredible.  I could have easily had another roast beef sandwich.  I'm not even kidding when I say that I dreamed about it last night.  I could never be a foodie.

So I may not be snobby about food, but I will tell you something I am snobby about--commercials.  For about 99% of commercials that are currently on tv, I think the person who conceptualized them should be lobotomized.  Here's one exception:
Yeah, it's gimmicky and just relies on how dreamy David Beckham is, but I kind of love it.  I can't help but be sucked in by his charm every single time I watch it, just like the Burger King workers.  Also, I love the way British people say banana.  Call me crazy.  Another acceptable television commercial is this one:
I love this for three reasons.  1) I love watching people dance to 90s music--especially in slow motion 2) I could watch the guy in the blue shirt for a full thirty minutes.  He is a national treasure.  And finally (and most importantly 3) any Montell Jordan reference makes me happy because it makes me think of Tom Haverford
What about you guys?  Any commercials you will actually watch, versus fast-forwarding through?  I'll tell you right now, if you say the talking baby commercials for e*trade, we'll never speak again.  Jacob loves this one, and it makes me a little sad for him.
 But it also makes me laugh when Jacob just yells "The Street!" from across the house.

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