Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TV Watching

Since work was pretty boring and uneventful as was my trip to Walmart today I have very little to say. Even Dance Moms tonight was pretty anti-climactic, which is kind of an oxymoron, if you ask me. One thing I did notice in tonight's episode is the insane amount of self-tanner they put on these 10 year olds to sculpt their abs. One little girl in particular had a dark line down the center of her stomach. It looked she hid a Twix bar in her dance top and in the heat of the dance, the chocolate melted and dripped down her stomach. Okay SEMI-SPOILER ALERT here, but I just watched the part in tonight's episode where Nia completely freezes and forgets her dance in the competition and runs off the stage. I'm not kidding when I say I cried for her. She is so sweet and her mom seems so cool and normal and it breaks my heart to see that kind of stage fright kick in. But she picked herself up and asked to try the dance again. NIA IS A SURVIVOR, Y'ALL. Seriously, she's the coolest kid on the show for sure.


Okay I just finished Dance Moms and if you aren't watching this show yet, START NOW because next weeks episode looks really freaking good.

Today I was walking Oscar through the four empty lots I call Poop Field. Besides poop, it's filled with holes dug by some sort of wild animal. One of these holes must have been fresh with the scent of the animal because Oscar completely lost his mind when he walked past it. He's not a digger, but he dug for probably fifteen minutes before I stopped him. I think he would've dug forever if I'd let him. Or at least until he'd eaten some fresh game meat. He was able to dig a hole so deep that he could no longer use his front legs to dig while keeping his back legs out of the hole. His body was stretched out like a little accordion, so he turned and started working on a new, adjacent hole. When I finally pulled Oscar out of his hole, he was panting and grunting and looking around with feral eyes. Jacob managed to drag him back home, and Oscar drank a whole bowl of water and then spent fifteen minutes begging to go back out. You never realize exactly how feral your dog used to be until you see him digging after the scent of a wild animal.

Did any of you try to watch Fashion Star tonight? I really wanted to like it because Project Runway has gone down the drain so much since joining Lifetime. It's gone from being a show that discovers designers to a Real World type show where they cast big personalities who may or may not have any fashion training and/or skills. Anyways, back to Fashion Star-- I thought it was confusing. I never really got a clear understanding of the rules and I wasn't impressed by any of the pieces I saw. There was nothing new or innovative about any of the clothes I saw. I get that the clothes need to be salable, but if all of those pieces have been made before and seen thousands of times, what makes that designer special? I ended up turning it off halfway through because I felt like it needed serious direction. Also I was distracted because I hate Nicole Richie. Maybe I'm being too hard on the show. What did you think?

Now that I've finished this post, I'm realizing there is a lot more Dance Moms content than I expected for such a lackluster episode. Nevertheless, a good show is bound to start a discussion, am I right?

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