Monday, March 5, 2012

Animal Pics=Great Post

Today was a great day. Busy day of work, but it went fast and the weather was incredible, so I can't complain.  Also, they came by today to build the railing for our front steps, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good picture to put up.  It's nice to know that now Oscar can't leap head first off the front steps directly into snow.  He likes to do that because he knows it freaks me out.

Well between a doctors appointment, a long conversation with my sister, and making dinner, I've run out of time for anything entertaining to happen, so I'll leave you all with a few of my favorite "First World Problems: Dog/Cat" that I spent ENTIRELY too much time going through.  I can't help how much I love these.  I'm an easy sell when it comes to animal humor.  Cat with a party hat on?  HILARIOUS birthday card.  Monkey covering his eyes?  GREAT premise for get well card.  Seriously, if you ever want to send me a card, I promise I will love it if there's an animal on there.  The front could just have a picture of a fat cat and the inside could say "Happy Birthday, fatty" and I'd hang it on my fridge.  Anyways, enjoy these pictures.  I got a good laugh out of them.

 And for good measure, since it makes me laugh LITERALLY every time I see it:
 Oh man.  I could look at that insanity puppy all day long and laugh. 
What the heck, here's another:

Okay well tomorrow afternoon I'm making a trip to Herbergers to search out some good jewelry deals for Ashley.  If anyone else has any requests, let me know.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be reporting back with great finds!

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