Monday, March 19, 2012

Craft Attempt

Living in a town without any crafting store (minus the Dakota Sew & So) has really been killing my crafty spirit. There are so many projects I want to do, but have nowhere to buy the supplies. Two weekends ago, during our disaster trip to Bismarck, I decided to buy some supplies to make a yarn wreath, a project I've had my sights on for several months. If you've been on pinteresti at any point, you know what I mean when I say yarn wreath. If not, here's an example:
I would've just put a picture in, but since the Blogger app is crappy, you'll just have to copy and paste the link.

Anyways, I was really excited about doing the wreath, even more so when I found the EXACT shade of green yarn I wanted to use. I cannot stress to you enough how incredible of a find that was. You guys, I have FEELINGS about what shades of green I like, and I was going in with a super specific color in mind, so I'm shocked I found it. (ps, the pictures don't really do the color justice) Kudos to you, Vanna White, surprising yarn entrepreneur, for having amazing color choices. Having the materials I needed, I spent several hours last week plopped in front of the couch watching Criminal Minds, wrapping the yarn around my straw wreath. Once I had finished wrapping the whole thing, I LOVED it. I haven't decided what sort of accouterments I'll put on it, whether it will be flowers or just maybe an argyle pattern, that just depends, but I was happy with what I had so far. Cut to this Sunday, when Jacob and I had to run to the store really quickly, so we let the dogs stay out of their kennels for the first time in the house. I remembered how nervous Oscar gets when we leave, so I made sure to hide all our shoes so they would get chewed up and carried around the house. Unfortunately, I didn't think to move the wreath, which was on the floor in our spare bedroom. When we came home, I found one dog who looked very proud of himself, leading me to the scene of the crime, while the other dog, who had straw stuck to his lips, ran away from me. He ripped up one part of the wreath pretty good. He tore the yarn off and even pulled quite a bit of straw out of the plastic wrapping, but I really hope it's still salvageable. I'm hoping I can use a wide satin ribbon to cover up the torn spot, and that would be the ribbon that holds the wreath to the door hanger. I don't know, we'll see if I'm still able to use it, but even if I can't, I know it's a cheap project that I like enough to do again. That's a good attitude, right?!

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