Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Additions

Well the couch situation got sorted out just fine on Friday, and I didn't even have to fight anyone.  Here's a picture of the basement looking a bit more like a living space.  It's kinda hard to see, since everything is brown, but that's the sectional with a recliner in front on the right side.  You'll notice again, everything is color-coordinated to match Andy.
 Also, last week the guy came and put on our drawer pulls, which I am SO excited about.  Mostly because our drawers are those self-closing ones, which is pretty great, but it also makes them nearly impossible to open without a pull.  You need a lot more muscle than you'd think.  I'm so happy to have these pulls.  Also, you might notice Jacob in the back, working on his to-do list.
This weekend I was on a crusade to buy some jewelry at Herbergers because they had some cute Fossil stuff on clearance.  Add that to the 20% coupon I had, and I got these two necklaces for less than $30.  HIYO!!

Technically this isn't the same as the necklace I got.  Mine is silver, not brass.  But it is just as awesome.  It's seriously probably one of the coolest things I own.  There are matching earrings that I'm seriously considering buying, even though my ears aren't pierced.  (Which I'll get to in just a second)
I don't own this necklace, because SOMEONE (Dana) told me it was too gaudy and huge, but I think it's cute.  There's no way I could pull it off since I don't wear much jewelry, and it's too girly for me, but just so you guys know, it's a $60 necklace on clearance for like $10 at Herbergers.  If you're interested, let me know.  I'm always happy to snatch great deals from the Ol Dusty Rose.
Here are the earrings that match the locket I bought.  I can't tell you how much I love them.  They're like $12, and it's so tempting to buy and just get my ears pierced.  I probably need a better reason than cheap owl earrings to get my ears pierced, though, right?  Or do I?......

Ashley--this next story is for you:  So let me preface this by saying I HATE the sound of nail clippers.  Something about that clicking noise, knowing that dirty nails are flying through the air just makes my skin crawl.  Not only do I hate the sound, I also hate to see people clip their nails.  It makes me beyond nauseous, and I don't understand why people think it's okay to do in front of people.  Jacob has learned in these 3 1/2 years that the only place in the house that's acceptable for cutting his nails or toe nails is in the bathroom, over the trashcan.  If I find ONE wayward nail, IT'S ON.  One time, when we had people over, someone was picking at their toenails, and when they left, I found a giant toenail on my carpet.  I could have vomited on their face.   So cut to today, at the end of church--we've just finished communion, and the Pastor has us all standing up for the Benediction.  He's in the middle of his prayer and I hear a clicking sound that brought bile into my mouth.  I look over my shoulder, and SURE ENOUGH, this 30 year old lady is just clippin away.  DURING CHURCH.  DURING A PRAYER.  What makes people so terrible?  I ask that as an honest question.  How can you possible not realize that's going to bother/disgust people.  Seriously so disgusting.  And it's not like she's going to collect those nails and carry them to a trash can.  No, she's going to let them stay where they land.  So next week, some poor schmuck is going to come along and open up to Genesis 7, and there's just gonna be a big thumb nail waiting for them.  Gross.  That lady has just entered the enemy list.  FYI, that is not a great place to be. 

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