Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post Volleyball Aches

Tonight was my volleyball game, and we came so close to winning. We lost, of course, but even more unfortunate is the dive I took on the very first play of the game. I must have hit my knee at a weird angle because it hurt so bad I got goosebumps. At the end of the game, I rolled up my pants and the swelling was already so bad, everyone on my team was like "GO HOME AND ICE THAT". Currently I'm laying on my couch with my legs propped up and and the throbbing is still super intense, nearly 2 hours after it happened.  I even threw a bag of frozen peas on there....
  Please, no one tell Mom. I can't handle the lecture in addition to this pain.

Today, for the third day in a row, I went to Herbergers. Yesterday, I went and got another owl locket for Ashley. $15 for a baller owl necklace? You cannot beat that. I went today because they're doing a special sale that takes an additional 20% off anything in the store, and normally they have a bunch of exclusions on their coupons, so I was ready to take advantage. I got a pair of Emus, a poor man's version of Uggs. They're really good quality, unlike the cheap pair I got a few months ago, plus they're super warm, so I had to get them. I've had my eyes on them for a couple weeks since they went on clearance, but with the coupon today I decided to suck it up and buy them.

Regular price $100. Herbergers price $42. 
I also got this baller Columbia snowboarding jacket. It's super thick with a wind proof outside and removable fleece inside.   The one I got is red, so it's not quite as baller as this blue one, but still pretty legit.

Regular price $230. Herbergers price $40. 

Also, due to a request from Ashley, here is a picture of the store front of Herbergers.  You'll see where I came up with the nickname "the Ol Dusty Rose."  I don't get the impression that the company is too concerned about appearance.

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