Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Dance Moms

Since its a crazy week and I'm exhausted and my stomach is bothering me, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Let's talk Dance moms. One thing I noticed this week was that I believe one of the moms may have multiple personalities. This is the same mom that freaked out last week when the moms asked about her engagement ring and she had her lawyer write up Cease and Desist letters. Although her excuse there was that her fiancé's lawyer did that, so she had nothing to do with it. Never mind the little detail that her fiancé and his lawyer would have no way of knowing the situation that occurred, or the names of the women she wanted to serve. But regardless, this week she freaked out for who knows what reason and her facial tic kicked into overdrive and she stormed out of the dance studio, swearing she wouldn't be back. (she works the front desk there...). Anyhoo, there she is the next day, on the bus with the girls and the other moms as they drive to their competition. No mention of her meltdown the previous day and her fight with two of the moms. Now she's giving one of those moms a push up bra as a present. It makes sense if you think about it--I'm always guessing at the size of my acquaintances genitals so I can buy them undergarments in an attempt to highlight their biggest insecurity.

The editing on the show is really starting to get to me. For no real reason, it drives me completely bonkers when they edit it to look like two separate days of rehearsal, even though it's clearly the same day and the girls are wearing the same clothes. I'm smarter than you think, Lifetime producers! Just because I watch Dance Moms doesn't mean I'm a total idiot. During one scene, Abby is praising Maddie and bringing high school kids in to watch her dance, then they cut to a different scene, act like its a new day, and Abby is talking about how Madde isn't paying attention and practicing up to her normal level. She's in the same clothes, it's the same day! Don't try to trick me, editing team. I won't fall for it.

I also noticed in tonight's episode, the girls wore the scandalous burlesque costumes, from a few weeks ago. The illusion bras and shorts that were bedazzled, but supposed to make them look nude. When they wore those two weeks ago, it was all the moms were talking about. They couldn't believe how tacky and risqué it was and even the judges seem displeased. Tonight they wore the outfits in the group number and no one mentioned it or treated it like it was too much. BE CONSISTENT DANCE MOMS.

Next week looks awesome--there is going ti be a showdown in NYC between Kathy of Candy Apples and Abby. The girls have been invited to try out for some prestigious ballet program. More than anything, I don't want any of the girls to get accepted into the program EXCEPT for Vivi. Wouldn't that be sweet justice?! Speaking of Justice, I will also be happy if Vivis gay ginger friend, Justice gets into the program. He works hard and gets 10% of the praiseVivi does even though he has 5x the dancing ability.

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