Thursday, August 16, 2012

RHONJ Napa part 2

Just a few quick thoughts on Sunday's episode.Honestly it was pretty boring though so I don't have much...

Reminder: Vito is disgusting

Joe Gorga talking about surfing is almost enough to make me barf my PB sandwich. He says "surfing makes me horny, looking like a big black condom"
Honestly, saying that is weird enough, but saying that and then cutting to him and his SISTER side by side in their wetsuits while they skate around is....not normal.

You guys, Chris talking about Jacqueline's body is actually pretty sweet. He doesn't normally come off as the super loving husband, so I think it's super adorable for him to say that he was looking forward to seeing her in a wetsuit. I love them so much.

The Gorgas and Guidices shouldn't be sharing an RV. This is way too incestuous. Between the Joes comparing penis sizes and Melissa pulling up Teresa's dress to smack her butt, things are getting WEIRD.  Blurred or not, I don't EVER want to see Joe Gorga pull his pants down.  And in front of his sister?!?! UGH.  That's enough to make me freak out.  And not a good freak out.

Joe Guidice seems like the MOST obnoxious drunk ever.

Okay Jacqueline crying because Teresa's ankle hurts is really sweet. If Teresa ever says she's not a good friend, she's a big stupid idiot.

How did they end up with such a feast when they all said there was no food left and all they could find at the store was chicken broth and buns?

Lauren is kind of overreacting to her brother's comments, but everyone in her family basically mocking her for having her feelings hurt is messed up. Caroline should at least shut up Chris and Albie. The girl feels like crap, just give her a break for a little bit, you know? Chris and Albie make fun of her, she gets upset and now she's the a-hole? Makes sense.

GEE CAROLINE, I WONDER WHY LAUREN FEELS LEFT OUT AND NOT GOOD ENOUGH?!?! Maybe because your family is constantly mocking her weight. Or maybe because her brothers purposely told her that Albie's girlfriend moved into their apartment over a walkie talkie just to annoy her. Or maybe because when her brothers pick on her, everyone laughs at them and tells her she's just over sensitive. Maybe that has something to do with if.

Poor baby Jacqueline. All she ever wanted was to know what was happening to her best friend which is the ULTIMATE betrayal in Teresa's eyes. I know Jacqueline is my favorite, but I honestly still don't see what she did wrong. I don't get how she can even talk to Teresa because she doesn't understand logic. "Don't cry, you should just ask me"
-- Teresa, what are you even talking about?!? Her asking you what was happening is what got y'all into this mess to begin with!!!!!

Okay well that's it. Like I said, this week was pretty boring.  I'm a little mad at Bravo (you especially, Andy Cohen).
The teaser they ran for Sunday's episode was where Joe takes the "business" call that obviously has nothing to do with work where he calls Teresa the B-word.  I WANTED TO SEE THAT.  And now I have to wait until Sunday?!  FALSE ADVERTISING!  BAIT AND SWITCH!!  I'm mad at you Bravo.  I don't appreciate that.

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