Thursday, August 9, 2012


Alright you guys, it's about to get all mushy up in here, so if you don't want to read me bragging about how great Jacob is, best move on.

 So today is Jacob and my 4 year wedding anniversary.
When I think about how nervous I was that day, it still makes me want to vomit.  Not that I was nervous to marry him, but the idea of walking down the aisle, saying my vows in front of everyone, and generally being the center of attention all day makes my stomach church.

Over the past four years, things have changed, seemingly month to month with us.  We've lived in Ohio, North Dakota and now back in the great state of Texas.  We've had 3 houses, 6 apartments, 4 cars, 2 dogs, and a baby on the way.  Things change constantly with us (although hopefully that's slowing down now!), but I love Jacob and feel closer to him everyday.  For our wedding, my friend Joy sang this song:
I can't explain the cheesy imagery in the video, so sorry about that.  But really, I love that song and I still think it was the perfect song to sing for our wedding.  Is Jacob perfect?  Definitely not.  Does he sometimes drive me completely bonkers?  Absolutely.  But I couldn't imagine not being married to him.  He makes me happy every single day, even when he drives me nuts.  I get so excited every afternoon when I know he'll be home soon.
And when he walks in the door, I'm like one of the dogs, excited and giddy he's home, following him around the whole house.
I can't imagine anyone else who could make me laugh like he does.
So thanks, Jacob, for being a pretty awesome husband.  Even though you can stress me out more than any other person on the planet, I love you and I can't wait till our daughter sees how baller we are.

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