Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Dance Moms

I'm caught up!  Granted there have only been two episodes of Dance Moms to catch up on, but I'm VERY proud of myself for watching them.  More importantly, for watching them and taking notes, which seems silly, but honestly, it takes me probably 2 hours to watch each episode because I stop and write so much stuff down.

So let's talk about episode one.  Snoozeville, am I right?  I think pretty much everything of significance can be summed up on the "previously on Dance Moms" for episode 2.  Really it was pretty boring. 

Have you ever noticed how TERRIBLE Cathy's highlights are in the opening credits???  I bet every season she begs the producers to update/redo hers, and every year they're like "sorry ma'am, no can do."  Well bravo, producers, because I love it just the way it is.  I say that because it's such a bad dye job that it looks like Vivi did it.  And we all know Vivi's not the brightest kid.

The episode basically revolves around the drama that occurred at the end of last season between Kelly, her kids, and Abby.  Brooke and Paige are still gone, and all the other moms are mourning their absence like they died.  In the meantime, Abby's back from hosting that dance show in LA,
 and she's back to her beastly self.  Despite the girls winning a national title at the end of the previous season, she's OUTRAGED with some of the girls for having gone on a family vacation.  Ready to replace Brooke and Paige, Abby hosts an open audition to fill the vacant spots on the team.  We end up with Ally, who seems like a sweet girl, and most likely is a total doormat.  Also, her poor mother seems to be allergic to the camera and is giving the sound guys something to work for, as her voice is as loud as a field mouse.  Naturally the other moms are disgusted with Ally and her mom.  Because how dare Abby replace two people who voluntarily quit the team!  The betrayal!

I have to say, that although the episode was pretty boring, there was one amazing moment.  You guys, Cathy and Vivi eating ice cream was such a treasure.  I guarantee you that if the cameras hadn't been there, Vivi's face would've been inside that ice cream dish and Cathy wouldn't have even noticed because she'd be so wrapped up in the conversation she was having with herself. 

 Obviously Vivi is too engrossed in her hot fudge sundae to listen to one word her mom said.  Y0u can tell when Cathy asks if Vivi misses Justice that Vivi draws a total blank and has no clue who she's talking about.  "Uhhhhhh.....yeahhhhhhhh" as she goes back to inhaling the ice cream.  It is a bummer about no Justice, though.  I'll miss that little ginger.  But Cathy obviously has tricks up her sleeve, as she's planning on starting a Magic Mike-style all-boys dance group to compete with Abby.  That should be good for a few laughs down the road. 

Okay, now onto episode 2!

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