Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Things

So we've had a couple of big moments recently. On Sunday, Olivia was baptized, which was a pretty great moment for Jacob and I. It was doubly special because Jacob's grandparents came down from Illinois, and his grandfather, who is a Pastor, performed the baptism. I'm sure Papa was happy to do it, but we are so grateful he did. I know it really meant a lot to Jacob to have his grandparents there, and for Papa to be the one to baptize her. I only wish my grandparents could've been there, too, but I know they were watching. As exciting as it was, I had been dreading the baptism from the moment we scheduled it. I do NOT like being the center of attention or being in front of people (ask anyone who was at my wedding), and the idea of getting in front of the congregation was basically terrifying. I kept running horrible scenarios through my mind: what if she's screaming bloody murder? What if her reflux acts up and she throws up all over the baptismal font? What if I start leaking through my shirt?! So much anxiety. At the beginning of the service, when our Pastor was doing the greetings, he mentioned that Olivia's great-grandfather was a guest Pastor who would be doing the baptism. He encouraged everyone to welcome the people around us, "especially the Riemers", pointing at us. I felt a million eyes on us and I almost barfed instantaneously. BUT, it all worked out fine. Olivia did great, falling asleep just before the baptism and waking up when the water touched her. She didn't cry, but she did furrow her brow. She is her father's daughter, after all. Thanks to everyone who came, but especially those who traveled to be there--Jacob's grandparents, The Moore's, and Dana & David. And Tom. Because we all know he could use more church in his life.

Our other big happening is that Olivia just rolled over! Like, two hours ago! She only did it once, from her tummy from her back, but she seemed equally surprised and amused by it. Afterwards, we FaceTime'd with Ashley, which Olivia didn't want to ever end. She's a goofball.

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