Monday, December 31, 2012

It's New Year Already?

Holy Smokes, you guys.  It's almost January.  As in, it's THREE HOURS from January.  I can't even believe how much has happened this year.  This time last year, I had run out of birth control pills and was on my period.  TMI?...Meh, I don't care.  Anyways, this time last year, Jacob and I had decided to try for a baby.  Now, here we are, 12 months later, and I've got an 11 week old ball of sunshine.
So far, I'd say parenthood is pretty much a million times harder than I expected.  Olivia's great, and she's a pretty happy baby, but I just had no idea how emotionally draining it would be.
 This are going pretty well, though.  Despite the challenges, Jacob and I are SO BLESSED to have a VERY healthy (13 lbs at 2 months) baby who sleeps really well.  I don't really have much to complain about.  But I will.  Here's the thing.  Olivia's developed pretty bad acid reflux, which is causing a lot of discomfort.  Most of the time her medicine works to keep her pretty comfortable, but when it's not working, the poor girl is in agony.  Everyday there are times when she's screaming inconsolably and you can hear the acid gurgling in her throat.  Frequently, the acid makes her gag and she throws up.  This is where her appetite comes back to bite us.  She's a great eater (hence the high weight), which is pretty reassuring.  Unfortanately it also means that when she throws up, she REALLY throws up.  The girl can projectile vomit with the best of them.  Everything I've read says babies normally outgrow their reflux by age 1, but I just can't imagine dealing with this for nine more months.  Please just keep her in your prayers, that her medicine might start to help more, and that she'll have fewer painful episodes.

Besides the reflux, like I said, she's really a pretty happy baby.  After every feeding is playtime and she gives LOTS of smiles.  Unless she sees the camera.  Then she's pure stone.
Good gosh, what's happening with my hair?!  Time to stop going to sleep with wet hair I guess.

As much as I'd like to say more, the fireworks are going bonkers and I have a feeling I'll be in and out of Olivia's room all night, trying to get her back to sleep.  So rather than blather on, here are some highlights from this year:
Winter in North Dakota is NO JOKE
 My sun boys enjoying the deck Jacob built in the home we had built.  Little did we know we'd live in it for only five months...
The long move down to Houston.  The boys were such troopers.
 Our new house after some much needed yardwork.  Eight months pregnant and trimming bushes for several hours will really wear you out.
 Enjoying the new backyard
Olivia moving in my belly.  Yeah, it's not for everyone.
  After a 4:45 wakeup call from the hospital saying I should come in to be induced, I cried the entire way there.
 This seems obvious, but labor suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
 Less than half an hour after she was born.  I was almost too weak to hold her and my whole body was shaking.  A special moment for sure, but also one of the scariest in my whole life.
 Oscar watching sister in the bassinet.
 My sweet Oscar.  Such a trooper after surgery.
 Sleep Smiles!
 My sweet Girl

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  1. I think my favorite photo is Oscar looking in the bassinet :)